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After 20 years in private practice in general surgery, Dr. Harding strongly encourages the use of The Medical Memory with all of his patients that have complex problems. This includes patients with thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, colon, gallbladder disease, and recurrent hernias.

For every surgical consultation there is a considerable amount of information which is obtained from a patient. An exam is performed, a diagnosis is rendered, and then treatment plans are discussed. With many surgical conditions and endocrine problems the issues being discussed are very complex. Multiple medical conditions interplay with other conditions, thus making the level of discussion even more challenging. The treatment plans are important to understand as are the multitude of precise instructions given after the surgical recommendation has been rendered.

With many surgical problems the complexities of an individual's health, need to be reviewed in detail. There are many details which may seem insignificant to the patient and the referring physician that are very important to the surgeon. After reviewing all of the many details, including the individual history, radiological studies, and laboratory studies, a recommendation will be made with a detailed explanation. The extreme amount of information in this explanation often confuses or leads to misinterpretation of the facts from the patient's standpoint. The availability of a recorded consultation helps to avoid this problem. The use of a secure recording allows the patient to review and re-listen to their consultation with Dr. Harding in order to more fully understand the disease process and surgical plan recommended. Additionally the detailed consultation can be shared with family members around the world, so that they may also understand Dr. Harding's assessment and proposed treatment plan. Many patients and family members have expressed their sincere gratitude for the availability of this additional service.

The secure HIPAA compliant recording is not and has never been conceived as a benefit of any insurance plan. There is a charge for this service which is to cover the cost of the secure product provided.

Dr. Harding sincerely recommends this service for the majority of his complex patients in order to allow them to truly recall the detailed explanation of their condition, the detailed explanation of their surgery, the detailed explanation of their potential risks from surgery, and the detailed explanation of pre and post-operative instructions. Altogether this amount of information in a short period of time may be overwhelming.

The cost of this invaluable service is $20 per patient which includes recordings of all visits before and after surgery. Because of the lasting educational value of these recordings, Dr. Harding will recommend this service for the majority of his patients.

Studies have shown that patients forget up to 70% of what their doctor says. Dr. Harding wants to help you remember your visit.

Benefits of The Medical Memory

  • Securely and privately video record your exam.
  • Watch and review your exam at home to better understand your care.
  • Share your video with family and friends who aren’t with you today.

Take control of your health and become more informed about your diagnosis, treatment plan and recovery process with this service.

Dr. Harding explains the benefits of Medical Memory

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